• DATE

    DATEs are JPCC's small groups. DATEs, in addition to and to complement the Sunday services, were created to strengthen the Body of Christ. We want to see every member growing spiritually in an awesome community, together they will be led to strive for excellence, with their lives renewed, supported and empowered.

    DATE meetings/gatherings are spread out in various parts of Jakarta from Tuesday to Saturday - you are sure to find one close to your home or workplace.

    Those of you who are willing to become a partner of JPCC is welcome to join the DATE. For more information regarding JPCC DATE, please visit DATE Booth every Sunday after services or email us at

  • JPCC Kids

    We strongly believe in investing in the future generation. We aim to engange with the kids and introduce them to the truth and the person of Jesus Christ through age-appropriate services, Bible stories and activities. We divide JPCC Kids into age categories: Little Heaven (0-6 yo), Kingdom Kids (6-8 yo) and Christ Crew (8 yo - 6th grade). We also have services for kids with special needs called STAR class. JPCC Kids services are available at The Kasablanka every Sunday.

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  • JPCC Youth

    Teenage years are the most crucial years as young people wrestle with issues such as faith, identity, purpose and community. JPCC Youth provides a conducive environment for teenagers in the ages of middle-school and high school, even up to college years, to encounter the living word of Christ, and to be mentored and inspired to be influential individuals that are empowered to make a difference in their generation. JPCC Youth services are available every Sunday at The Kasablanka.

    Masa remaja adalah masa yang paling penting ketika anak-anak muda bergumul dengan iman, identitas diri, tujuan hidup, dan juga komunitas tempat mereka merasa diterima. JPCC Youth memberikan lingkungan yang membangun bagi remaja yang duduk di SMP, SMA, bahkan kuliah, untuk hidup sesuai dengan kebenaran firman Tuhan, dengan harapan mereka akan terinsiprasi dan menjadi pribadi yang kuat dan mempengaruhi gerenasi mereka. Ibadah JPCC Youth tersedia setiap hari Minggu di The Kasablanka.

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  • JPCC Young Adults

    At JPCC, we believe in building a strong community of young adults. We believe they should be confident individuals who understand their worth in the eyes of God and His word and are active contributors to their community and society. JPCC Young Adults is available every Sunday at UpperRoom.

  • Treasures Women

    We take it as our responsibility as a body of Christ to equip women and empow them to be the women of God has in-stored for them individually. Treasures Women meet every second Saturday of each month with relevant discussion topics and activities; and at the same time building connections and a supportive sisterhood community.

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